Zircotec Turbo Intake pipe - FK2/FK8


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      Zircotec Turbo Shields & Intake pipe will consistently reduce temperatures by up to 75% and more

      Reduced Temperatures -  The reduced temperature of the insulator has a direct impact on under bonnet temperatures, this means inlet charge and fluid circuit temperatures and reduced leading to increased engine and car performance. After Elongated running in testing we were still able to comfortably touch Zircotec Turbo Shield while the car was running!


      Increased Power – We measured an impressive + 9hp maximum with consistent increases through the rev range. Combined with the large torque increase and increased throttle response this has huge improvement of the cars performance.


      Increased Torque - We measured a massive + 17lbft maximum with consistent increases through the rev range. The largest gains from 2000rpm to 3500rpm translate into a much-improved response and acceleration in real world driving.

      Energy retention – the science behind these gains has been long understood in the world of motorsport. Retaining heat in the turbine makes for greater turbine efficiency, reduces turbo spool up time and ultimately reduces turbo lag.


      Reduced Turbo Lag and Anti lag – the greater turbine efficiency and reduced turbo spool up time mean reduced turbo lag and where used, anti lag systems settings can also be reduced.


      No Fire Risk - Fibre systems can absorb and wick flammable fluid spills from brakes, power steering and engine oil causing them to become a fire risk, Zircotec Turbo Sheilds are fully stainless steel encapsulated systems with zero fire risk.


      Highly Durable - Zircotec Turbo Shields are fully stainless steel Encapsulated so will not degrade or go brittle from heat exposure like fibre systems.


      Easy fitted in minutes - Zircotec heat shields are designed to be fitted and removed in minutes.


      Minimal Thickness – Our knowledge and use of the highest performing materials on the market means our Turbo Shields are only 8-10mm total thickness and have minimal impact on space envelope around the turbo.



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