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      TDi North Cylinder heads are sold on an exchange basis and will come complete with selected valves and valve-train to customers preference.


      Cylinder Head Standard Refresh
      All our cylinder heads are fully rebuilt and refreshed, checked and skimmed as necessary. They will come de-carbed with new k-line guides, seats re-cut to suit the valves, new Honda stem seals and new Honda LMA's fully assembled with selected valve-train.

      Stage 1 Cylinder Head
      As above with modified inlet ports

      Stage 2 Cylinder Head
      As Stage 1 but with modified exhaust ports

      Stage 3 Cylinder Head
      As Stage 2 but with port matched inlet manifold (Customer needs to supply for matching), 3 angle valve seats and de-shrouded valve heads (Dependent on bore size)


      Standard Valves
      Standard Honda K20 inlet and exhaust valves (Note that these may be re-used valves but fully checked before installation)

      SuperTech Valves for NA applications
      Supertech stainless steel black Nitrided Honda K20 inlet and exhaust valves - Standard size

      SuperTech Valves for Boosted applications
      Supertech stainless steel black Nitrided Honda K20 inlet valves and Inconel exhaust valves - Standard size


      Standard Valve-springs, bases, retainers and collets
      Standard Honda K20 

      Toda Valve-springs, Standard Honda bases, retainers and collets
      The need for increased performance has led TODA Racing to design a single progressive coil spring to replace the standard double valve springs. As well as allowing valve lifts of up to 13.00mm, the material and the coil springs natural frequency have all been optimized. Ideal also for Drop-in camshafts for people wanting to be able to extract power to higher rpm than the standard valves will allow.

      SuperTech Dual Valve-springs, Supertech dual bases, Ti retainers and collets
      Supertech dual valve springs are designed and manufactured to reduce valvetrain harmonics, increase durability, and provide an increase in performance for your high performance racing engine. All their dual valve springs are manufactured using superclean chrome silicon vanadium alloy and then heat treated, stress relieved and shoot peened to help improve the fatigue life of the spring. Springs we use are rated to 95lbs but ratings are available at 80lb, 82lbs and 97lbs. Springs come complete with matching Supertech bases, retainers and 7' collets


      Please note once the order is placed a head is built up for you, this can take upto 6 weeks to complete ready for the exchange (Depending on machine shop workload). There are no cancellations once the order is placed.

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