TDi North FK2/FK8 "Hybrid" Turbo - Direct Plug and Play


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      A fully built up-rated Hybrid Turbo that is direct fitment to Honda Civic Type-R FK2 and FK8.

      With new custom billet compressor and turbine wheels, up-rated bearings and some serious porting for some serious power.

      We've tried to make the turbine side flow as much as possible, so we've heavily ported the inlet, port matched to the gasket, flowed the lead in to the wastegate for better boost control and machined the largest cutback on the turbine we can.

      Stock turbine wheel inducer is 46.55mm is increased to 56.00mm. Turbine wheel exducer is 41.00mm and increase to 51.30mm. The new high flow turbine wheel also has a cutback machined into the exducer blades to increase flow capacity.

      The number of blades has increased from 11 to 12 to help maintain spool up as close to stock as possible.

      Stock compressor wheel inducer is 49.28mm and increased to 52.51mm. Compressor wheel exducer is 58.02mm increased to 68.00mm. The upgrade wheel is a 6 blade billet version.

      The compressor and turbine housings are CNC re-profiled to accept the new hi-flow turbine and compressor. The bearing housing is modified to fit the new heat shield and large exducer compressor wheel. The turbine housing is port matched to cylinder head and flowed.

      500bhp+ is achievable with supporting modifications and remapping

       NOTE - Exchange basis cost is if turbo is in good condition and not damaged or needing rebuilding in any way. If there is work needing doing then the cost will be extra.

      *2 WEEK LEAD TIME*

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