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      Here at TDI North we like to offer packages for our customers that help them to enjoy there car more.

      We have put together this package for the new FK2 Civic Type R to help you enjoy the car more

      The TDI North package includes the Pipercross drop in panel filter or the K&N drop in panel filter, both are reusable and cleanable so that it saves you money on your servicing costs, it also increases throttle response and they both have dyno proven gains.

      The package also includes the Remus Responder, this is a complete plug and play solution for the people that enjoy the increased throttle response in R+ mode but don't enjoy the pain in there back from the harder ride; the Responder features user selectable modes and fine tuning so that you can get the best out of your Type R.

      If you want us to we will fit this package for free or we can ship it out to you so that you can do it yourself.

      Product information on the Remus Responder can be found here:
      Product Information

      Product information on the Pipercross Panel Filter can be found here
      Product Information

      Product information on the K&N Panel Filter can be found here
      Product Information

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