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      Bluetooth Module


      The Syvecs Bluetooth Module is designed for use with Apple and Android Devices. Enabling users to view custom configurable data on there portable devices. This data can then be viewed either in a series of gauges or dash layouts and is all configurable via the application.

      Designed to work with any Syvecs Ecu or Plug in Kit, the Syvecs App allows users full control of the RS232/Can Stream selection to suit any CAN or RS232 Layout used. Users can set warnings, shift lights, change calibration selections on the ecu, adjust traction control settings and much more.

      A performance section also allows stats on acceleration data from the vehicle using the Mobiles devices on-board GPS or via the speed signals from the Syvecs. These can be saved to a set vehicle type and view-able again in the garage section of the application.

      View the following and much more!

      Manifold Pressure
      Ignition timing
      Fuel pressure
      Oil Pressure
      Oil Temp
      Oil Level
      Fuel Level
      Ethanol/Methanol Content
      Knock Retard Level
      Limp Mode
      Engine Actual Torque
      Engine Demand Torque


      The Applications to work with the Device are free to download from the devices App stores and will only work with the Syvecs Bluetooth Module



      150mm x 100mm x 35mm

      Fitting Guide -

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