Soft99 - The Kiwami Wax + Shampoo Light



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      The Kiwami Wax + Shampoo Light

      The set includes two products – The Kiwami Shampoo and the Extreme Gloss "The Kiwami" hybrid wax.

      This set is dedicated to light-coloured paintworks.

      Perfect for spring and autumn preparations!

      Kiwami, a classic among hybrid waxes, has a synthetic base with a blend of natural Carnauba. That makes the Kiwami a great wax if you want enhance the look of your car's paintwork while maintaining excellent durability. Perfect for spring and autumn preparations!

      The Kiwami shampoo, with its low-foam formula, is the perfect way to nourish the wax coating during regular car washing and maintain its properties at the highest level. Thanks to its high wax content, the shampoo has a creamy consistency, gives excellent glide and makes the washing process easier. The shampoo comes with a high quality, corrugated sponge.

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