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      Coating Set

      Take care of your car's protective coating!

      A selected set of Soft99 car cosmetics dedicated to cars with professional protective coatings. The delicate formula of the Smooth Egg Liquid quick detailer will repair quartz/ceramic coatings and give the car a deep glassy shine, while the white microfibre included in the package will be safe for even the most delicate paintworks.

      Great visibility and clean interior!

      For comprehensive care of the interior, Wash Mist will be perfect. It cleans, disinfects and neutralises all surfaces in the car, being 100% safe even to human skin. Glaco De Cleaner, like every product from the Glaco range, will take care of all glass surfaces, providing the hydrophobic effect, giving comfort and safety when driving in the rain. All of these products can be easily spread and buffed up with a high quality Super Cloth microfiber, also included in the set.

      Coating Set contains 5 products:

      1. Smooth Egg Liquid + microfibre – quick detailer, 250 ml
      2. Wash Mist – versatile interior cleaner, 300 ml
      3. Glaco De Cleaner – glass cleaner and invisible wiper, 400 ml
      4. Microfiber Super Cloth – high quality microfiber cloth
      5. Soft99 Detailing Bag Mini – compact detailing bag
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