Soft99 - Set Basic Dark & Black



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      Set Basic Dark & Black

      Start your adventure with detailing!

      A great starter kit for every Soft99 car cosmetics fan! Dedicated to cars with black and dark coloured paintworks.


      With the Set Basic Dark & Black you'll thoroughly and easily wash your car, remove metallic deposits from the rims, clean the paintwork from persistent dirt with a clay bar and finally protect the paintwork with a high quality car wax with natural Carnauba

      With Fukupika quick detailer you can easily refresh the shine and protection of your paintwork after every wash.



      Set Basic Dark & Black contains 6 products:
      1. Dark & Black Soft99 Wax – car wax, 300 g
      2. Fukupika Spray – quick detailer, 400 ml
      3. Extreme Gloss "The Kiwami" Shampoo Light – car shampoo with wax, 750 ml
      4. Iron Terminator – iron deposits remover, 500 ml
      5. Surface Smoother Clay Bar – detailing clay bar, 100 g
      6. Microfiber Super Cloth – high quality microfiber cloth


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