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      Drift Set

      Quick & easy protection and cleanliness for every car!

      The Drift Set's idea came from us being inspired by drifting, the most Japanese of motorsports. The set's focuses on comprehensiveness, and is based exclusively on products that are quick and easy to use. With these products you can refresh any car, no matter if it's a 1000hp purpose-built drift machine or a company station wagon!

      Always have your favourite Soft99 products at hand!

      All the car cosmetics from the Drift Set can be stored in a convenient Soft99 Detailing Bag Mini, so you can always have your favourite products on hand during road trips or visits to a car wash!

      Drift Set contains 7 products:

      1. Neutral Creamy Shampoo – neutral pH car shampoo, 1000 ml
      2. Rain Drop – express spray coat for all parts of the car, 300 ml
      3. Digloss Gira Edge – tyre dressing with a convenient applicator, 70 ml
      4. Wash Mist – versatile interior cleaner, 300 ml
      5. Glaco De Cleaner – glass cleaner and invisible wiper, 400 ml
      6. Microfiber Super Cloth – high quality microfiber cloth
      7. Soft99 Detailing Bag Mini – compact detailing bag
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