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      Decontamination Set Light

      Perfect preparation before applying a wax or coating!

      The Decontamination Set for light coloured paintworks is a set of 7 specially selected products thanks to which you will comprehensively prepare your car for the application of coating or car wax. Well prepared car is key to making wax application easier and its durability last for longer!

      Easily deal with all kinds of dirt!

      Neutral Creamy Shampoo will give you the perfect, thick foam as you wash, while Iron Terminator will tackle metallic grime on your rims. Smooth Egg Clay Bar will remove deeply embedded dirt. Micro Liquid Compound will take care of any minor swirl or hologram scratches, restoring shine and depth of the paintwork. For all residues of bugs, resin, pollen or bird droppings, use Stain Cleaner. And New Pitch Cleaner and Silicone Off will deal with tar and asphalt dots and any greasy marks on your car, respectively!

      The Decontamination Set for light coloured paintworks contains 7 products:

      • Iron Terminator – strong wheel cleaning agent, 500 ml
      • New Pitch Cleaner – spray cleaning agent, 420 ml
      • Stain Cleaner – versatile dirt remover, 500 ml
      • Neutral Creamy Shampoo – scar shampoo, 1000 ml
      • Smooth Egg Clay Bar – smoothing clay bar with low abrasiveness, 2 pcs.
      • Micro Liquid Compound Dark – cleaner, 250 ml
      • Silicone Off – degreaser, 300 ml
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        • SKU: 00495+02026+04280+09170+09062+00513+10333
        • Product Type: Car Care
        • Brand: Soft99

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