SHIFT-I Shift Light. Made by Ecliptech. You probably don’t use your existing tacho, which is not surprising given how difficult it is to see when you most need it. A good progressive RPM display can give you what you don’t have... a gauge in your peripheral vision showing the range of RPM you need to see. It gives you a reference for improving performance and building on skills. For example, maintaining staging RPM while concentrating on race start, smooth anticipated shift points and maintaining corner entry pace. It features: Super bright wide angle lights. Brightness is fully adjustable. It automatically remembers your settings from daylight through to night time; The display range is programmable. You can set when the first light comes on and also when they all flash (for example, displaying 2850rpm to 7800rpm). This is done digitally (not by revving), so you can accurately tweak your settings.

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