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      This is the all new Remus Powerizer plug and play solution for the Honda 2.2 I-DTEC engine.

      The unit is supplied with the loom and everything needed to connect it to the vehicle. the unit has been designed so that you do not need a PC to configure the unit as it already has in built parameters that adjusts the fueling etc to give you more power and torque.

      The great thing with the Powerizer is that it can be removed if the car was going into the dealership for warranty work and doesn't leave a trace that it was there unlike some of the ECU flashes, it also features 3 preset modes (Race/Sport/Eco) with individual power adjustment.

      • Horsepower increase between 10 and 35%
      • Torque increase between 10 and 50%
      • Noticeable reduction of fuel consumption
      • Easily installed - plug and play!
      • TÜV- Part certified
      Original: Tuned: Power plus:
      150HP 178HP +28HP (+19%)
      110kW 131kW +21kW (+19%)
      350Nm 405Nm +55Nm (+16%)
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