PRL Titanium Turbocharger Inlet Pipe Kit - Civic FK8


  • Product Description


      The PRL turbo inlet pipe kit is a direct, bolt-on upgrade that eliminates airflow restriction before the turbocharger, allowing the turbo to operate more efficiently. The kit contains a cast aluminium inlet piece that provides a smooth transition to the titanium crossover pipe. Offering a massive 50% increase in airflow volume in comparison to the factory inlet pipe.

      Why use titanium for the crossover pipe? Simply put, Titanium does not conduct heat like stainless steel or aluminium. Where the factory crossover pipe is made of cast aluminium, it holds a lot of heat from the turbocharger that sits directly below it. The PRL titanium crossover pipe runs signficantly cooler, reducing the inlet air temperatures and producing more power!

      Each titanium pipe is treated using a wet glass bead blasting process, leaving a beautiful textured finish.


      Product features:

      • Direct replacement inlet pipe kit for stock or PRL intake
      • Titanium crossover pipe reduces intake air temps
      • 50% increase in airflow volume

      Kit Includes:

      • 4-ply silicone couplers
      • Titanium crossover pipe
      • Cast aluminium inlet elbow
      • Worm clamps
      • EVAP flange
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  • Product Details

    • Variant: Stock intake system
    • Product Type: Intakes
    • Brand: PRL

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