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      Working in association with AET Motorsport we are able to offer the excellent Peron and Voodoo range of products for your Fords.

      With lots of companies offering performance intercoolers for the Ford Focus ST 2.0T, PERON needed to produce the ultimate intercooler with the highest quality core available. The PERON XL Intercooler is proudly designed and manufactured in the UK to the highest standard.

      Better Than The Rest...
      When boost and ignition is ramped up on the stock turbo, the standard intercooler simply can not cope with the increased temperatures. We wanted a core that is a step up from the competitors and commissioned the production of our new 'stuffed fin' heat exchanger. A number of designs and mock up intercoolers were produced and tested until the we settled on our final production item. This intercooler fin design has been specified designed for the Ford Focus 2.0T Ecoboost to improve upon the original design by allowing far better cooling potential by using the latest in core technology and having a much greater surface area without any negative elements such as pressure drop or restrictive flow to the water radiator. On our P3XX calibration our PERON XL intercooler gave over 10hp / 10ft-lb at the wheels with charge temperatures never breaching 38c on the dyno run after run.

      Spec List
      Direct bolt-on requires NO cutting or trimming
      Fills all available space to front of car, the largest FMIC available
      Easy fitment
      Does not block air flow to water radiator
      Eliminates issues with heat soak and dramatically reduces charge temperatures of standard or highly tuned vehicles
      Will bolt up to stock piping or most aftermarket pipe kits that are designed for the stock intercooler
      Black thermo paint, this finish will help the intercooler perform not be detrimental to the fin function
      OEM-like fit and finish
      Super light weight core and end tanks
      All PERON intercoolers are pressure tested after assembly to 30 psi

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