Semi bucket seat satisfying both high holding performance and lightweight properties
When developing a semi bucket seat two contradictory requirements need to be addressed that of ergonomic drive support while at the same time providing driver comfort, including easy-access. MS-Z is specifically designed to reliably hold and support the shoulders, waist, and thighs and hardness of the urethane sections in each area is adjusted optimally. Special non-slip material was also chosen to protect driving posture while encountering strong G-force during cornering. The front area of MS-Z is covered in Alcantara ®
Alcantara® is a registered trademark of Alcantara S.p.A.

Stepless recliner / Forward folding backrest / Lumber support pad insertion type / Belt holes for safety harness / High grip side support / Long & deep seat cushion / Alcantara® / Shoulder grip / MUGEN logo (embroidered) / Main body weight: 15.0kg

Not mountable on the vehicles with i-side air bag system for the front seat.

MUGEN colours are highlighted on the shoulder grips. Special non-slip material was chosen to protect the driver from slippage. MUGEN logo is embroidered on the back rest area. Red sticking is adopted to express our racing sprit.
Alcantara® was chosen to protect the drive from slippage during cornering. Punched mesh also provides high hear release and heat absorption properties.

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