Water temperature and oil temperature meters are all contained in the meter cowl exclusively designed for CIVIC TYPE R EURO. The shape and position of the cowling is designed and arranged so as not to obscure the driver’s line of sight, but at the same time to be easily viewed whilst driving. Meter diameter is 60mm A set of sensors, special harnesses, and a control unit
Meter cowl is painted matte black.

Assist Meters


Assist Meters Illumination

When the side lights and head lights are turned on, the figures and scales in the panel board are illuminated in Green and the needles are illuminated in Red.


Assist Meters Peak Mode

[Peak Mode]
The peak value of each meter during vehicle running is indicated by the respective needle.


Assist Meters Warning Mode

[Warning Mode]
Whenever a reading from the engine sensors exceeds the user pre-set value, the warning LED in the panel board lights up (in case of oil pressure gauge, if the value is less than the set value, then the warning LED lights up). A useful replay mode in which each meter simultaneously records and reproduces the running condition for a maximum of 40 seconds is available.

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