M&M Honda Reinforced Clutch Pedal - Civic FN2


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      SKU: 00108-FN2-ST01

      Since their founding back in 1982, M&M have been involved in grass roots tuning and racing Honda's in Japan, taking part in various one-make race series, designing and developing parts to aid them on track along the way. These parts are renowned for their build quality and innovative design.

      Due to the insufficient strength of the bracket at the clutch pedal mounting, over time a creaking noise develops as you press the clutch pedal. Furthermore, repeated aggressive pressing of the clutch pedal can, over time, cause the mounting bracket to deform or even crack. 

      This reinforced clutch pedal assembly solves both issues, with 2mm thick steel reinforcements welded in at key points to improve strength to prevent the deforming.

      Please Note: It is possible that some squeaking when pressing the clutch may be the result of a failing clutch master cylinder. This pedal assembly will not solve this issue and the only solution for this is to replace the clutch master cylinder.

          Product Features:

          • Complete replacement pedal assembly
          • Adds reinforcement to the pedal assembly to improve strength and pedal feel
          • Solves creaking and squeaking from the clutch pedal

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          • SKU: 00108-FN2-ST01
          • Product Type: Unknown Type
          • Brand: M&M

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