J'S RACING Tow Strap


This new strap is made in Japan with strength as the primary goal.

The conventional towing strap might have sufficient strength for the strap itself; but sometimes lacks the same strength in the bracket resulting in the product failure.

J’s Racing towing strap is made of aramid fibre (its structure is aromatic polyamide fibre and it is frequently used for seat belts) and the 45mm thick metal plate is used for the bracket for extra strength.  This combination can handle a load of more than 2 tons.  

The popular “waza” logo is printed along with an image of Japanese flag and the print is super durable and weatherproof.

The tow strap features yellow stitching with a choice of red or white tow strap

Tow Strap Length: 210mm

Bolt Hole Diameter: 17mm

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