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      Super Sound Master

      High frequency sport sound right after acceleration. Not too loud while cruising. Quiet at idling. Exhaust system that links with drivers' mind.

      There should be a performance sound quality whether idling in the morning or at night, daily driving, or during spirited driving. HKS utilizes the latest sound control technology to develop exhaust systems that are tuned to the driver's desire.
      An unprecedented exhilarating sporty sound from the SSM begins the moment the accelerator is pressed.

      Testing with the Nissan 350Z Z33:

      Layout designed for Appearance & Sound Quality

      To control the exhaust sound, all pipes layout after the engine must be taken into consideration. This exhaust system controls the sound by the inner structure of the silencer and lengths of the exhaust pipes.
      The SSM for Z33 VQ35DE has such a unique horn-shaped round layout. Tig-welding and a fully polished finish improve its shiny appearance.

      Overcoming a weakness of the Z33 VQ35DE

      The VQ35DE engine for Z33 has unique exhaust pulsation sound. This pulsation can be reduced with the SSM, and soft and comfortable exhaust sound can be presented.

      @ Idling (Parking)

      700rpm…Stock: L=56dB R=59dB SSM: L R=56dB
      Sound Level is Quiet.
      The sound level is the same of the stock exhaust. The sound quality is controlled to eliminate the low-tone harsh sound; clear and unprecedented exhilarating sound quality can be presented. Enjoy the quiet, but sporty sound quality.

      Low Engine RPM (Street)

      1500rpm…Stock: L=65dB R=66dB SSM: L=68dB R=70dB
      3000rpm…Stock: L=75dB R=76dB SSM: L=77dB R=77dB
      Comfortable Sound is created.
      The sound level is the stock level plus α. The low-tone harsh sound is eliminated as well. Deep and unprecedented exhilarating sporty sound quality can be presented.

      High Engine RPM (High Speed Cruising)

      4500rpm…Stock: L=84dB R=86dB SSM: L=87dB R=89dB
      6000rpm…Stock: L=90dB R=91dB SSM: L=95dB R=96dB
      As the engine RPM increases, the exhaust sound level increases, and the exhaust sound creates deeper sound. Since the lower exhaust resonance is reduced, the ride comfort is maintained and comfortable high frequency sporty sound is presented.

      High Performance Driving (Sporty/Revving)

      Stock: L R=98dB SSM: L=112dB R=114dB
      Feel the exhilaration. When accelerating over 3500rpm, the exhaust sound is changed suddenly from the sophisticated sound to the strong high frequency sporty sound. High tone and dry sound, but no breaking sound. Ultimate powerful and beautiful sound is presented.


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    • Variant: 350Z Fairlady Z33 / Manual / VQ35DE
    • SKU: 32023-AN001
    • Product Type: Exhausts
    • Brand: HKS

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