Super stealth Frame Structure/Super Filter?
Super Power Flow evolved to Reloaded.

Ambient exposure type air cleaner has larger area of induction inlet that increases intake air volume.
Engine horsepower and torque will be more than panel filters. Without air cleaner box, intake sound will be sporty.


 Free layout and larger inlet area will increase performance of engine.



Frame Support
It fits to aluminum back plate softly and fixes Super Stealth Frame firmly. It will also be a guide for filter to surface of the hemisphere that make easy for replacement work of the filter.

3 Layer Dry Filter
Dry 3 layer type Super Filter was newly developed. Intake efficiency, dust collection performance and replacement cycle are highly balanced. It is long life type filter.


Super Inner Frame
Shape of inner frame is streamline. 16 frames are lightweight and they guide air flow smoothly.

Super Lip Funnel Structure
Super Lip Funnel design was developed to maximize intake efficiency in limited space. High intake efficiency and compact design that enables various layout of intake system in engine compartment are highly balanced.

Diagram Key:

1. Power Flow
2. Air intake pipe
3. Joint hose
4. Stay No.1
5. Stay No.2
6. Normal stay
7. Hose band #56
8. Bolt M6-15
9. Spring washer M6
10. Plain washer M6
11. Flange Nut M6
12. Collar
G-1. Blow-by hose (stock)
G-2. Hose clamp (stock)
G-3. Suction hose (stock)
G-4. Hose band (stock)

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