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      GT SUPERCHARGER Vehicle Specific Kit

      The HKS GT Supercharger, Vehicle Specific Kit includes supercharger, brackets, piping, intercooler, traction oil and etc. the parts needed for each specific vehicle.

      PRO KIT
      • HKS GT Supercharger Pro Kit has all the parts you need for installation except computer-control device. (Maintenance parts like, oil, plug and etc. are not included)
      • It needs a separate engine control device and need to set the fuel and ignition timing. We have special fueling parts and controlling device for the Pro Kit which let you set up easily.

        - GT S/C unit
        - Super Power Flow
        - Intercooler
        - Suction pipe

        - S/C bracket
        - Chamber pipe
        - Pulley/belt
        - Relief valve

        - Traction oil cooler
        - Traction oil tank
        - Traction oil

        For the CR-Z and the S2000 AP1/AP2 there is a fuel upgrade kit available to complement the GT SUPERCHARGER kit.

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