Working in association with AET Motorsport we are able to offer the excellent Peron and Voodoo range of products for your Fords.

We are proud to offer you the Voodoo V0.1 performance tuning package for the Ford Fiesta 1.0ltr Ecoboost range. The Voodoo V0.1 package has had hours and hours of time spent through development, and testing using our in house Dynapack hub dyno,  for accurate, reliable and safe tuning for the Ford Fiesta 1.0ltr 100, 125, and 140 models. Not only has this been developed in house it has been road tested using our own Ford Fiesta 1.0ltr giving you the piece of mind that your Ford Fiesta 1.0ltr will operate perfectly. 


Voodoo V0.1 ( Stage 1 ) =155bhp - 180ftlb 

Ford 1.0ltr

Our best remap for a stock Ford Fiesta 1.0ltr Ecoboost producing 190 ftlb and 155 bhp with only a bespoke Voodoo calibration file.

Voodoo V.175 ( Stage 2 ) = up to 175bhp up to 190ftlb 

The Voodoo Stage 2 package totally transforms the performance of the 1.0ltr making it an animal, transforming the way it sounds and responds using the best products on the market with a tried and tested package from AET Motorsport. 

  • Includes Voodoo V.175 calibration file 

    Required Hardware
  • ITG 1.0ltr intake system
  • Downpipe ( Cobra Sport or Voodoo decat )
  • Voodoo intercooler ( Black with White, Red, Silver or Green logo )
  • Cobra cat back exhaust ( Resonated / Non resonated )

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