Defi Advanced BF Gauges


Defi-Link Meter ADVANCE BF
    • Interactive communication advanced system is implemented.
    • Flat glass and precise graduation scale give more needle accuracy and high visibility.
Photo 1
    • LOW mount back case(11% down over currently in use)
    • Flat glass adopted
    • Gauges can be controlled from distance with the included switch unit.
    • Opening and closing modes can be selected from 2 variations.
    • The installation of additional gauges is easy. Just connect it with theother two gauges and attach the wire to Advance Control Unit.
    • The illumination colour can be chosen from white, amber red, and blue.
      *The illumination colour cannot be changed.
Photo 2
Photo 3
Amber Red
Photo 4
    • The light-emitting gauge always provides clear visibility with high contrast.(The brightness is 200% compared to existing models.)
Photo 5
Amber Red
Photo 6
Photo 7
The left gauges are existing models and the right gauges are ADVANCE BF
    • The needle pointer driven by original stepping motor has a smooth instantaneous response to rapid acceleration of high performance vehicles.
    • Brightness can be adjusted by selecting from five levels for daytime and night time separately.
      (night time dimming cancellation function is available.)
    • The microcontroller calibrates up to 270 degree angle in 3027 - 4600 segments (0.088°- 0.059°), and provides accurate vehicle information.
    • Self-diagnosis system turns the warning LED on to indicate any wire disconnection, short circuit and serial communication errors.
    • Warning by buzzer sound when the warning LED is on (buzzer sound can be turned on / off).
Photo 9
  • Peak value and warning value during driving are stored. Driving data can be stored and replayed up to 3 minutes.
  • A mounting bracket, meter cup, regular position bezel are provided with this product.
  • With both fuel pressure gauge and turbo installed, differential pressure can be monitored on the fuel pressure gauge screen.

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