We have designed some tuning packages here at TDI North to help you get the most out of your Honda Civic FK8 Type R.

We have brought together some of the best products currently in the market place to be able to offer you them supplied, fitted and Remapped using KTuner engine management solution.

The packages below have been designed so that you choose the parts that you want and if you already have an intake, exhaust or a down-pipe fitted just select the "Not Required" option.

Part Descriptions:

Dealer Remapping with KTuner:

Packages include full dyno remapping on our in-house dyno using dealer software.
We now have full control over all critical engine parameters including torque, boost and cam control as well as fuel ignition and throttle demand giving a very smooth power delivery using boost and torque by gear and revs including being able to switch map profiles through the mode button.
To allow remapping through the OBD port the ECU needs to be sent to us for unlocking or alternatively we can operate an in-house exchange service where your ecu will be swapped for a Pre-unlocked unit where it will be installed and all necessary software changes made to reset keys and VIN codes.

Intake Choices:

  • Not Required - Select this option if you already have an intake on the vehicle or want to keep the standard setup.
  • Pipercross Panel Filter - This fits in the standard airbox and offers increased air flow over standard.
  • Injen Intake - Proven gains and an awesome induction sound which enhances the BOV noise (Black and polished are also available upon request)
  • Eventuri Carbon Airbox - Top Quality closed airbox design that draws cold air direct from the front and under the inner arch

Downpipe Choices:

  • Not Required - Select this option if you already have a downpipe fitted fitted or want to keep the standard setup.
  • Milltek 400CEL HFC - This replaces the standard downpipe and Cat setup with a more efficient system. Top Quality with a 72mm internal DIA outlet for best flow and ideal to match with up-rated and the Milltek mid pipes. It keeps the car road legal and should still pass an MOT if its in good condition.(Ceramic coating is available at an extra cost upon request)
  • TDi North 400CEL HFC - COMING SOON!
    This replaces the standard downpipe and Cat setup with a more efficient system. It keeps the car road legal and should still pass an MOT if its in good condition. (Ceramic coating is available at an extra cost upon request)

Exhaust System Choices:

  • No Exhaust - Select this option if you already have an exhaust fitted to the vehicle or want to keep the standard setup.
  • HKS  Legamax Exhaust - Top quality twin tailpipe system from the big Japanese manufacturer
  • Injen Exhaust - Quality stainless exhaust system made in America with twin Titanium blued tips. Its a single silencer setup and quite loud but gives a nice raspy sound and pops on over run and downshift.
  • TDI North 3" Exhaust - COMING SOON!
    Our own system with a re-packable silencer and 3" pipework, Perfect for making the power on a boosted car and is track friendly.
  • Milltek, Cobra, Scorpion, Remus and Js Racing Exhaust systems - If you require one of these systems please select "Not Required" then order separately due to the combinations of options available

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