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      Wash & Dry Kit

      The perfect trio for a safe and effective wash. Includes 2 extremely capable pre-washes to ensure extra safety before proceeding with your full contact wash.

      This kit contains the following:

      1x Glacier Snowfoam 500ml // RRP £8.99

      An effective yet safe pH neutral pre-wash which generates a thick foam that clings onto the bodywork, designed specifically to remove traffic film, loose dirt and road grime from the exterior of your vehicle.

      Snowfoam is one of the very first steps that should be taken when washing a vehicle. This process will help aid and prep your full contact wash, by reducing the risk of dragging contaminants across your bodywork which could result in swirls and/or marring.

      For best results, Glacier should be used via pressure washer with a snow foam lance. If in doubt, alternatively you can use via pump sprayer/foam cannon.

      1x Citrus Duo 500ml // RRP £7.95

      Citrus Duo is a safe yet highly effective all-purpose cleaner, which can also be utilised as a strong pre-wash cleaner. Tough against bugs, road dirt and grime but gentle to the body of your vehicle.

      This is the perfect all-rounder. Easy to use and highly effective, containing natural citrus ingredients ensuring a safe application on paint, plastic, engine bays, glass, wheels, tires etc.

      Product is ready to use but can be diluted up to 1:4 for lighter soiling. Can be used via pump sprayer if dilution is required.

      1x Lavish Shampoo 500ml // RRP £10.99

      The ultimate, super concentrated Lavish shampoo. Full of lubricity, cleaning power and foamy goodness. Making light work of your contact wash, whilst providing a lavishly clean and high gloss finish with minimal effort.

      Our formulation is pH neutral and has been developed to be LSP safe, which simply means that any wax, polish or sealant layers already present, will not be affected or removed.

      Always remember to use our pre-wash Glacier Snowfoam and/or Citrus Duo beforehand to help aid this process, by removing any loose dirt and grime which could potentially cause swirls or marring to the bodywork.

      1x Vermilion Large Drying Towel // RRP £14.99

      Our luxurious, super plush, large drying towel. The perfect accessory for safely and quickly drying your vehicle with it's highly absorbent, super plush, deep pile fibers.

      The outer binding (black edges) have also been designed to be safe against paintwork, preventing scratches and swirls when washed and handled correctly.

      Effortlessly removes water from your vehicle. A must have for everybody's detailing kit.

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