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      Lush - Quick Detailer


      Lush is a quick detailing spray infused with natural carnauba wax, specially designed for quick and easy application to greatly enhance the finish of your bodywork, providing a high gloss finish along with a layer of protection. Not only does Lush bring back the depth and shine from your paintwork, but it leaves a silky smooth and glass like finish.

      Due to it's hydrophobic nature, Lush offers high water repellency which will cause rain water to bead and sheet off the bodywork.

      Another added benefit is the UV protection that Lush provides, helping to prevent color fading and oxidation to your paintwork.

      Protection will last up to 4 weeks, but with regular and correct maintenance washes, just simply top up on another quick layer of Lush to bring back the amazing shine and further increase it's protection.

      Can also be used as a light spray wax or clay bar lubricant. Suitable on all exterior surfaces.

      Scent: Bubblegum


      Product Benefits:

      • Silky Smooth and High Shine Finish
      • Contains Natural Carnauba Wax
      • Smear Free Solution
      • UV Protection
      • Hydrophobic
      • Extremely Easy To Apply


      Directions of use:

       *Shake well before use*

      1. Ideally to be used after your vehicle has been thoroughly washed and dried.
      2. Spray onto one panel/section at a time, then spread evenly across the panel using a plush microfiber towel.
      3. Allow the product to dry for a few seconds.
      4. Fold your microfiber towel onto the dryer side, then buff off until the panel reveals a glossy and silky smooth finish.

      NOTE: Do not apply in direct sunlight.

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