The Shift-I was designed from the ground up to be the most well thought out solution. Practical features and options that do the job you need. It’s one of those products that have the finer details polished, suiting hard core racers through to street users. Consider all the information on this website… a reflection of the engineering effort put into it’s design.

  • Super bright wide angle lights. Brightness is fully adjustable. It automatically remembers your settings from daylight through to night time.
  • 7 Lights. Trials found it was the most you can comfortably distinguish in your peripheral vision. Any more and you loose that important reference capability (i.e. knowing your at 4 lights on corner entry, not 3).
  • Display range is programmable. You can set when the first light comes on and also when they all flash (For example, displaying 2850rpm to 7800rpm). This is done digitally (not by revving), so you can accurately tweak your settings.
  • Multiple displays modes based on driver/rider feedback. Designed to suit driver preference, different engine characteristics and various applications.
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