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      The ultimate full bucket seat satisfying both high holding performance and light weight properties
      The main structure of the seat is the shell which is designed to hold the driver securely while enduring strong G-force during cornering, and also contributes to weigh saving. Form and thickness of the urethane are modified to fit each part of the body. The front area of the seat is covered in Alcantara® which is known as a high durability material with a pleasant feel and texture. The seat completes with the FIA regulations applied in most renowned races including SUPER GT.
      Alcantara® is a registered trademark of Alcantara S.p.A.

      Carbon fiber shell / Belt holes for 3 inches full harness / Lumber support pad insertion type / Deep side support / Divided seat cushion / Non-slip seat cushion / Alcantara® / Shoulder grip / MUGEN logo (embroidered) / Main body weight: 6.5kg

      Strong enough to accommodate the driver under any conditions while the weight saving properties of the carbon fibre construction means the shell of the seat weighs in at only 3.5kg.

      Not mountable on the vehicles with i-side air bag system for the front seat.

      MUGEN colors are highlighted on the shoulder grips. Special non-slip material was chosen to protect the driver from slippage. Form and thickness of the urethane are modified to fit each part of the body, which maximizes contact area and in the end leads to high driver-support performance and fatigue reduction effect.
      Alcantara® was chosen to protect the drive from slippage during cornering. Punched mesh also provides high hear release and heat absorption properties. MUGEN logo is embroidered on the back rest area. Red sticking is adopted to express our racing sprit.



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    • Variant: Seat Only / No Rails
    • SKU: 81100-XXF-K0S0-1
    • Product Type: Interior
    • Brand: Mugen
    • Collection: Mugen

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