AT Power Throttle bodies - HONDA - K20/K24 - EP3/DC5 - Injected


Honda K20/K24 DC5

This product is a Direct-to-Head set of throttle bodies which are port matched to suit the Honda K20 DC5 Engine. They feature AT Power’s lightweight precision machined billet parts, along with our unique patented ‘shaftless’ technology and knife edged butterflies which offer improved airflow and performance.
AT Power’s unique 'shaftless' butterfly throttle system improves the part and fully open airflow characteristics by up to 10% on common throttle body sizes, giving higher airflow velocity resulting in a higher volumetric efficiency, with improved airflow & performance.
Delivered fully assembled with a choice of Linkage orientations & Billet aluminium Fuel Rail, with a choice of Inlet Lengths & TPS choices calibrated to the options available from the AT Power range. Available in 18 anodised colour options.

For Fitment in a standard vehicle, you will need to change over to an electric water pump to allow clearance for the extensions tubes.



What extension lengths and ram pipes would you need, we offer:

70mm with 40mm ram pipes – which provides more top end or peak power - Good for track and circuit racing where more peak end power is needed.

100mm with 40mm ram pies which is a base that most people go for as it offers more top end and more torque – Good for track day people who also use their car daily and on the track.

130mm with 60mm ram pipes which provides much more low-down torque – Good for hill climb, rallying and time attack racing.


Direct-to-Head Throttles:

AT Power’s Direct to Head (DTH) individual
throttle bodies are a high performance
system with an individual butterfly sized
for each inlet port. This is the ultimate
performance option for most installations.
Our direct to head throttle bodies are port
matched to suit each engine variant. The
throttle bodies are a twin housing design
significantly improving the airflow into the
engine and offering a lightweight solution.
These throttle bodies feature our
‘Shaftless’ and knife-edged butterflies for
improved airflow & performance. Utilizing
our ‘Shaftless’ technology allows close
positioning of the butterflies to the inlet
valve giving the optimal throttle response.
Delivered fully assembled, with billet
aluminium housings, fuel rail, choice of
linkage options, along with a choice of inlet
lengths and calibrated for your choice of
Throttle Position Sensors (TPS).
Engine management is the only additional
part required to achieve significant power

With over 60 years’ experience of automotive design, full

product development, quality control, manufacture and final

testing/validation, our products will help you achieve the

optimum performance from your vehicle.

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