HKS was established to provide customers happiness through motorsport with style. In 1970’s Japan wan in the peak of the rapid economic growth and automobiles become more and more of entertainment than just a transportation vehicle. In this era the tuning market was born. 

And I am proud to say HKS is the world’s most renowned aftermarket company in the world. We are the pioneer company of the aftermarket and we never stopped trying to make better products.

For example, we made the first turbocharger kit in the world and we didn’t stop there. HKS developed exhaust parts and suspension parts from zero. We designed and manufactured highest quality products all within our factory by the assiduous engineers. 

We are always active in motorsports and competition racing, including various professional drag racing series, JTCC, JGTC, Formula 3, D1 Grand Prix, Superbikes, and many others. In such environment, we cultivate our skills and technology in tuning automobiles and this is why we can make the best products in the aftermarket. 

Nowadays, we are expanding our business to the new fields. We make engines for planes, we also contribute to the environment by making a CNG engine from diesel engine for more effective performance. And of course we will make more innovative products for the aftermarket, too. 

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