Defi Control unit for ADV BF and CR Gauges


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      Defi-Link ADVANCE Control Unit


      The differences between DF07703 and DF07701

      The production of DF07701 has been ended in December, 2011. DF07703 was released in February, 2012 with some functions added.

      <How to recognize the models>

      “03″ is appeard in the lower right on the front panel of unit: DF07703
      Nothing is appeard in the lower right on the front panel of unit: DF07701

      difference between 7703 and 7701

      <New functions on DF07703 (Functions which are added to 07701)>

        • Not only minimum values but also maximum values can be displayed in peak modes of oil pressure and fuel pressure.
        • The illumination of the switch unit is automatically turned on/off if ADVANCE ZD is installed.


      Specifications in mm (inches)

      ADVANCE Control Unit

      ADVANCE unit size

      1 Switch unit(white)
      2 Speed & Tachometer signal wire(blue)
      3 Exhaust temp sensor wire(black)
      4 Water temp sensor wire(pink)
      5 Oil temp sensor wire(red)
      6 Fuel press sensor wire(red)
      7 Oil press sensor wire(white)
      8 Turbo/In-Mani sensor wire(light blue)
      9 Power source wire(beige)
      10 Meter wire(white)
      11 Meter wire(white)


      Switch unit

      ADVANCE switch size

      Other specifications

      Power supply
      10V to 16V DC (12V vehicle only)
      Current consumption Maximum during 7 gauges are connected
      +B 2A(IGN ON), 5mA(IGN OFF)
      ILM 800mA
      Applicable number of cylinders 1,2,3,4,5,6,8
      Note *Products is for only on vehicles with a 12V electrical system. Never use products on 24V vehicles.
      *Products can not be installed in altered vehicles.
      *To install pressure gauges or temperature gauges, proper sensor attachments are necessary. The thread sizes of sensors are 1/8PT.
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