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      This is the latest product on the market for the Civic from Remus.

      Remus have released a product that amplifies the pedal signal that is emitted from the throttle pedal; this has the benefit of increasing throttle response and driveability with a complete plug and play removable solution. this leaves no trace on the car like a remap and takes literally seconds to fit.

      The fitting is as simple as unplugging the throttle pedal and plugging in the Remus Responder.

      The Responder features 3 buttons with 6 LEDs so that you know what it is doing, the first of the 3 buttons has the word "PROG" this is the button that allows you to choose the mode that the unit is be this Sport, Sport + and Eco.

      The 2 buttons below allow you to adjust the trim of the amplification so that you can fine tune the pedal response to your requirements, it features 7 different settings that you can customise; 3 that make the amplification curve more aggressive, a non adjusted curve and 3 to reduce the curve.

      Please see the video below to see the Remus Responder installed in the TDI North Demo Civic Type R.


      Remus Responder installation instructions can be found here

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